Sunday, 21 August 2016

Installing PowerShell on Ubuntu 14

Installing PowerShell on Ubuntu Desktop 14

This is a step by step process if Ubuntu image is fresh and would like to try PowerShell.
There could be some dependency issues with the default image that are covered here keeping in mind the beginners in Linux, like me.

Get the deb package from

This would have some dependencies.


before installing the dependencies, i would recommend to check the current installed packages with the following commands

apt list | grep libunwind8

apt list | grep libicu52

apt list | grep libc6

Obviously the source list wont be built if your image is new, so ensure that the package source is updated first before you try to install them with apt-get.

Go to Software & Updates and select 'Main Server'

Then update the pkg details with

Update source command.

apt-get update.

Then you should be good to go with the installation of missing packages.

In a new image the following package 'libunwind8' would be missing ..

 Install 'libunwind8'

Then install PowerShell deb package.


 Happy Scripting...